About us

– I am giving my life to the garment industry, I can’t let my daughter do the same, says Barsha Islam, 25, who works for a supplier of H&M. It is a big sacrifice and I am suffering, I want something better for her. Photo: Jonas Gratzer

We make a difference!

Fair Action is a non-profit organization pushing Swedish companies to take responsibility for their impact on people and the environment. We examine how consumer goods and services are produced and pressure companies to improve working conditions and pay living wages. Our goal is a sustainable world where human rights are respected.

Collaborating for change

We work closely with other human rights organizations and trade unions, both in low-income countries and in Europe. We are part of Fair Finance Guide Sweden as well as members of Clean Clothes Campaign. Furthermore, we are one of the member organizations of Swedwatch.

Steps in the right direction

During the past few years our campaigning has contributed to a number of positive changes, including….

  • The shoe company Nilson committing to ensure workers at its suppliers are payed a living wage.
  • H&M, Kappahl, Lindex, Gina Tricot, Nilson and Eurosko publicly disclosing lists of their supplier factories.
  • Several Swedish garment companies signing the The Bangladesh Accord on Fire & Building Safety, a legally binding agreement to improve safety in the Bangladeshi textile industry.

Contact and information

For more information please contact us at:
Phone: +46 (0)8 – 643 43 64 or info@fairaction.se

Report archive

Blouses and bruises – How Swedish fashion brands are overlooking the risks for gender-based violence at garment factories (2023)
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In the same footsteps – A review of the sustainabilty efforts of four shoe store chains (2014)

Pushing the planet to retirement – The Swedish National Pension Funds and biodiversity loss (2014)

Tailored Wages – Are the big brands paying the people who make our clothes enough to live on? (2014)
Sustainable purchasing practises – Summary (2013)
No child’s play – Respect for children’s rights at tourist destinations (2013)
Still fashion victims – Monitoring a ban on sandblasted denim (2012)
Fashion victims – a report on sandblasted denim (2010)
Strategies for strengthening human rights in the Chinese workplace (2010)
Report on canned Tuna (2007)